Creative Leadership Team

Wouldn’t it be nice to work with Web Developers, Graphic Designers, Copywriters, Social Media Managers and PR experts who are immersed in the Medical Device industry? Who know the players? Who understand the technologies?
Adolfo MartinezDirector of Graphic Arts
Adolfo and his graphic design team will create or improve your Brand Identity (Logo, Color Palette, Typography, Business Suite, Email Signature, more). He will create your Brand Guidelines (Brand Book) and ensure that your Brand is consistently used by everyone in your organization.
Art Department Services
Stacie LaBeauDirector of Social Media & Content Marketing
Stacie and her team of copywriters will produce your content and manage all of your Social Media platforms. The team will write your Press Releases, Articles, Blogs, Web Content, and Social Media posts, ensuring that your content is engaging and SEO optimized.
Social Media Services
John RoyDirector of Web Development & SEO
John and his team will create, improve and maintain your website and landing pages, ensure that they are crisp, fast, responsive, and mobile device ready. He will also develop and implement your SEO strategy, making sure that anyone interested can quickly and easily find you and your technologies in the search engines.
Web Development Services

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