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Are you nurturing your leads properly, informing, educating and building relationship?

Email marketing automation is a crucial part of any effective marketing strategy. If you are not managing and nurturing your leads properly, you are wasting a substantial opportunity to build relationships and build a sustainable sales & marketing engine.

7 Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign:

  • Adopt a conversational tone, like if you are writing to a friend. Avoid sounding like you are just looking to sell them something.
  • Get your leador your customer involved. As k for feedback
  • Make sure that your email is insighful and educates. Avoid generic blasts at all cost!.
  • Avoid spammy words (discount, free etc.)
  • Make sure that images include “alt” attributes that contain the alternate ext that should be displayed when images don’t load.
  • Don’t send emails on weekends, Mondays, or vacation times
  • Don’t send emails first thing in the morning or at the end of the day

Medtech Momentum copywriters will structure and write your email funnels, nurturing your leads, building realtionships.

Lead Nurturing | Drip Marketing

Medtech Momentum email marketing automation platform will allow you to place non-sales-ready leads into nurturing tracks. We will make sure that when a potential customeris ready to buy, your company will stay top-of-mind.

Drip Marketing is a lead nurturing strategy that involves periodically sending out helpful and relevant information to prospects and customers.

The idea behind the concept is the “Law of 29,” a marketing axiom stating that the average prospect must view a marketing message at least 29 times before they will become a client.

Drip marketing is not about selling, it is about building a kind of relationship that will lead to sales down the road.

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