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Lead Generation for Your Company

The Ultimate Goal

The ultimate goal of the Lead Generation Strategy that Medtech Momentum would implement for you is to have a systematic way to find potential customers with an unmet need, when they are online.

In the pre-internet and social media era, success was about the size of your budget; your ability to finance mass marketing or direct marketing campaigns.
In 2016 success is about creativity and online marketing expertise. We can help you turn your lead generation strategy into a profit engine!

Indeed, with the explosion of social media and the exponential use of search engines, and especially GOOGLE, prospects have more choices now and need more time to evaluate their options. It is estimated that the B2B sales cycle is 25% longer than 7 years ago for companies that do not implement a systematic Lead Generation Strategy.


The road map to lead generation in Medtech Marketing

As an extension of your Marketing Department, MedTech Momentum will use a combination of Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing to inform your prospects about your company and products and generate qualified leads.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is the process of establishing a relationship with customers before they are ready to make a purchase, nurturing the relationships, and then turning this early awareness into brand preference and ultimately revenues. It is the ideal tactic to generate long-term sustainable results.

Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing (also known as Interruption marketing) is the old school of billboards, radio & TV ads, print ads, direct mail, postcards, emailings or cold calling. It is ideal to lead prospects faster down the sales funnel.

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