Client Testimonials

chris prentice
"We have worked with MedTech Momentum for the past 8 years and continue to be impressed with their ability to execute both strategically and creatively. For all intensive purposes, they are our marketing department."
- Laurent Pruvost - President, InTech Medical
chris prentice
"MedTech Momentum is much more than a Marketing Agency. They are both a high level strategic marketing consulting firm and a creative agency. We are in high growth mode so the combination is perfect for us."
- Gavin Phillips - Marketing Director, Sonacare Medical
chris prentice
"What sets MedTech Momentum apart is their Medical Device industry experience, coupled with their marketing expertise. They understand the challenges and opportunities that are specific to our market and their in-house create team is second to none. I must add that their all-inclusive membership program made the decision to partner with them very easy. "
- John Kapitan - President, Kapstone Medical
chris prentice
"The team at MedTech is not only talented, but great to work with. They fully immerse themselves in the brand to provide a results-driven, comprehensive and strategic plan that delivers. MedTech consistently produces quality work with top-notch service that you can rely on."
- Christopher Prentice - CEO, Harmonic Bionics

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