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Guillaume Viallaneix

Guillaume Viallaneix

A trilingual (i.e. English, French, Spanish) citizen of the world, Guillaume’s passion for marketing, global business vision and multi-industry experience fosters creativity and lateral thinking in the Marketing strategies that MedTech Momentum recommends to its clients.

Guillaume specializes in crafting & executing results oriented marketing/branding strategies in the MedTech industry, driven by the power of the Internet and Social Media. For the past twenty-five years, he has developed sales & marketing roadmaps for organizations of all sizes, both as a Corporate Executive and an Entrepreneur in the Financial Services, Communication and MedTech industries, with companies such as Cigna, American Express, Scient'x USA and Eden Spine.
His professional experience and personal background give him a real world perspective and a practical approach that MedTech Momentum clients appreciate. He prides himself on being a long-term trusted advisor to the people he works with.

Born in France, educated in Europe and in the United States, Guillaume holds an MBA from Arizona State University (i.e. Thunderbird) and an undergraduate business degree from Florida State University. Along with his passion for building Emotional Brands in the Medical space, Guillaume also loves Tennis, World Affairs and Art. He makes his home with his wife Gabriela, and their four kids, in beautiful Orlando, Florida.

The Interview

Please tell us why you created MedTech Momentum?

The answer is simple. Initially, it was to help my friends in the MedTech industry build cost-effective, sustainable and scalable marketing engines driven by the power of the Internet and Social Media. I just wanted to share the new marketing gospel. The rest is history.

I launched the company at the end of 2013, when it became obvious that the combined power of the Internet and Social Media had overtaken traditional channels of communication and that most decisions makers in Healthcare were confused about it.

Everybody realized that having a basic website, brochures, newsletters and attending a few trade shows was no longer good enough. They knew that Online and Social Marketing ought to be the centerpiece of their Branding and Lead Generation Strategy. But the question they often asked themselves was how to do it in a way that is cost-effective, measurable, and profitable?

I knew that I could provide solutions if I created MedTech Momentum… so I put together a “dream” team and I did!

Providing solutions to a complicated challenge is quite ambitious. What makes you believe that MedTech Momentum can deliver?

Because we are the whole package! We combine a unique business model, an intimate knowledge of the MedTech industry, an unmatched expertise in Marketing in the Internet era, and the power of a synergistic creative team.

Guillaume and Pruvost
On the business side, I have 25 years of experience as an executive and entrepreneur. I raised capital; worked with surgeons on developing new technologies, worked with the FDA to get them cleared, grew companies, branded them and sold a few. I know business and MedTech marketing from the inside. I often say, “I am you… I understand the world that you live in.”
With this experience, we are in the ideal position to craft winning sales and marketing strategies that are aligned with business realities in the MedTech industry. Most marketing firms cannot make that promise.

On the marketing side, I have embraced the Internet revolution from day one, and what a trip it has been. I have witnessed the world change first-hand, from my beginnings in 1988 with GE Medical, when the big deal was to have a fax machine, to the magical arrival of the Internet in 1995, followed by the start of the Social Media revolution in 2006. I have personally embraced the change, loving the fact that with Online Marketing, creativity is the elixir of growth, not capital. It is fun! It is about building relationships and brainpower, not simply about the size of your wallet – great news for small to mid-size businesses!

What differentiates you from a Marketing agency?

Even though we provide creative services like agencies, we are much more! Actually, our motto is “we are not a marketing agency, but an extension of your Marketing department.” We have even made it part of our logo.

We don’t charge per-project or per-hour like marketing agencies, we charge an all-inclusive monthly membership fee that gives you access to 100% of the services that we provide; both strategic and creative. No one offers that opportunity in the marketing world.  

Working with MedTech Momentum is like belonging to a gym. With a Gym membership, you can use all of the services of the club, whenever you want and as much as you want. Same thing here; with a MedTech Momentum membership, you can use all of our services whenever you want and as much as you want. Among others, our services include; Graphic Design, Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Copywriting, PR, Analytics and more. You just have to decide what marketing shape you want to be in; we’ll do the rest!

After 7 years of successes with MedTech companies of all sizes, we have calculated that our approach not only saves our clients an average of 55% on their marketing budget but also boosts brand awareness, online traffic, lead generation, and sales. It’s a no-brainer.

No one… I repeat no one… offers the value proposition that we offer!

I understand, the concept of the membership fee for marketing services. Can you give me a specific example?

Traditionally, MedTech companies, just like any other companies, went to a graphic design agency to create logos or brochures; a web agency to create a website or a blog; an SEO specialist to be seen in search engines, a copywriter to write Press Releases or Social Media content, a Social Media manager to publish and manage the content… the list is long, complicated and costly. In addition, traditional marketing agencies or freelancers have no clue about the MedTech Industry, the market trends and the technologies. What they are concerned about, is getting the next project, deliver it and getting paid.
The MedTech Momentum world is 100% different! First of all, MedTech is in our DNA. It is where we come from. No need to tell us about the market, the players, the trends; we know it already; same goes with most technologies. This simple aspect will save you a lot of time and headaches, and accelerate the process of producing the marketing tools that you need.
Second, we do it all! Partnering with MedTech Momentum removes the need for you to work with multiple marketing agencies. Our in-house creative teams include every specialty; Graphic Designers, Wed Developers, Social Media Managers, Copywriters even Photographers and video editors. Whatever your needs are, you brief us and we produce it for you, and the beauty of it is that no matter how much you need, it is all included in your membership fee. What can be more efficient?

It seems too good to be true; what is the catch?

There is no catch! We don’t even require a long-term commitment. Our clients can stop working with us at any point in time without notice. We deliver results; we know that they will stay. If we don’t deliver; we know they will leave. The name of the game is “results” and we love it!

I have simply created the Marketing Firm that I wish I could have had when I was managing Medical Device Organizations.

Every business has a reason to exist, a reason that answers the fundamental question of “Why we are here?” For MedTech Momentum, the answer is that we exist to help MedTech organizations develop a sustainable and scalable marketing engine in the new online marketing era, in a way that is efficient and fun. Life is too short to be bored!
Guillaume and John Viscogliosi at Centinel Spine Booth

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