Founder’s Bio & Interview

Guillaume Viallaneix

Founder’s Bio & Interview

Guillaume Viallaneix

Guillaume Viallaneix

A trilingual (i.e. English, French, Spanish) citizen of the world, Guillaume’s passion for marketing, global business vision and multi-industry experience fosters creativity and lateral thinking in the Marketing strategies that MedTech Momentum recommends to its clients.

Guillaume specializes in crafting & executing results oriented marketing/branding strategies in the MedTech industry, driven by the power of the Internet and Social Media. For the past twenty-five years, he has developed sales & marketing roadmaps for organizations of all sizes, both as a Corporate Executive and an Entrepreneur in the Financial Services, Communication and MedTech industries, with companies such as Cigna, American Express, Scient'x USA and Eden Spine.
His professional experience and personal background give him a real world perspective and a practical approach that MedTech Momentum clients appreciate. He prides himself on being a long-term trusted advisor to the people he works with.

Born in France, educated in Europe and in the United States, Guillaume holds an MBA from Arizona State University (i.e. Thunderbird) and an undergraduate business degree from Florida State University. Along with his passion for building Emotional Brands in the Medical space, Guillaume also loves Tennis, World Affairs and Art. He makes his home with his wife Gabriela, and their four kids, in beautiful Orlando, Florida.

The Interview

Why should MedTech industry executives care about yet another marketing agency?

The answer is simple - no agency understands and knows the stakeholders in the MedTech ecosystem the way we do. As you're aware, just knowing the mechanics of marketing is not enough. Understanding market conditions, technical innovations, regulatory affairs, and the competitive landscape is key to crafting successful marketing strategies in the Internet era.

At MedTech Momentum, we know the space, connect the dots, and make sure that our clients' marketing plans are achievable and 100% aligned with their business objectives. To prove that point and maximize their chances of success, we have even assembled an elite MedTech Specific Advisory Board, available to our clients on an as-needed basis, to help them make key strategic business decisions. No marketing agency can make that claim!

Guillaume and Pruvost

What types of MedTech companies have you been helping?

In the past eight years, we have partnered with over 120 privately owned or publicly traded MedTech companies. Our clients include original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), contract manufacturers, medical practices, medical software developers (SaaS), as well as cutting edge organizations in the fields of artificial intelligence, nanotechnologies, and robotics.

While most of our clients are headquartered in the U.S., quite a few are from Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and even New Zealand. We are a boutique MedTech marketing firm with a global footprint.

Can you give us examples of marketing strategies and services you have been delivering?

As a full-service agency, we have clients at different stages in their life cycles. Some are pre-revenue companies looking for a branding and messaging strategy prior to a fundraiser or product launch. Some are well-established organizations looking to get into accelerated growth mode for value creation, preparing for an upcoming IPO or a liquidity event. Looking at the adoption curveof new technologies, we have developed a unique expertise at helping MedTech companies get through the "valley of death" and move from the "early" to the "mainstream" market.

sixteen percent rule

Interestingly, in the past three years, we have seen an increase in companies coming to us specifically for merger and acquisition branding strategies. I am proud to say that MedTech Momentum has developed a unique methodology, for developing successful M&A branding strategies and brand architectures, that is producing impressive results

Anything else you want to share?

Never forget that MedTech marketing, just like music, is as much an art as it is a science. It is easy to learn how to play an instrument or design a pretty website, but it is difficult to write a hit song or engage visitors on a site. Because successful communication is about 'the feel: It's emotionally driven! At MedTech Momentum, we make sure that we understand our clients' values, their vision, and most importantly, why they do what they do. We call it 'emotional branding'.

Guillaume and John Viscogliosi at Centinel Spine Booth
Launched in 2014, MedTech Momentum, Inc. is the brainchild of Guillaume Viallaneix, founder and president. With his 32 years of experience and team of 24 Florida-based MedTech marketing experts, he uses his decades of C -suite MedTech expertise to help medical device organizations turn marketing into a profitable revenue and value creation engine.

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