MedTech Momentum is much more than a standard Marketing Firm.

As the virtual Marketing Department of the companies we partner with, we are pleased to use our 25 years of experience in the medical arena to help you harness the power of our MedTech network in the United States and Internationally. The MedTech Momentum network is a gathering of experts and organizations around the world, with a proven track-record in a wide range of specialties:
  • Regulatory Affairs (FDA, CE etc.)
  • Quality (ISO)
  • Reimbursement
  • Business Development
  • Distribution Networks
  • Venture Capital
  • Legal
  • Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Logistics
  • More…
Let us know if you need help, we will connect you today with the right partners.
Orthopedics this week
Founded by Robin Young, Orthopedics This Week is the essential and most widely read publication in Orthopedics. Forty times a year, OTW delivers breaking news, analysis and commentary. Orthopedics This Week brings you the latest breaking orthopedic news. The company also hosts innovative technology conferences and publish quarterly Market Forecasts and Analysis. Occasionally we also publish data and conference books. We are part of a unique, essential and endlessly fascinating industry. What a great place to be! More information at
Viscogliosi Brothers, LLC
VB focuses on creating tangible solutions that develop into sustainable businesses. We invest in companies focused on addressing unmet needs while saving the healthcare system money. Our focus goes beyond serving the population today; we strive to create a better healthcare environment for future generations.More info at
MD101 is a European organization, with offices in France. The company is in business to help medical device companies expand internationally, while complying with all quality and regulatory standards. MD101 provides services in the areas of quality assurance, regulatory affairs, clinical affairs, reimbursement strategy, or international business development. More information at
orthokinetic testing technologies, llc

OrthoKinetic Technologies, LLC.  (OKT) and OrthoKinetic Testing Technologies, LLC.  (OKTT)  are two separate companies that provide a turn-key approach to the medical device industry.  Together, the two companies can assist in taking a medical device from concept to commercialization. 

Forster Boughman & Lefkowitz
Gary Foster and his partners cater to the professional, entrepreneur and investor seeking customized corporate, tax and (domestic and international) asset protection strategies. Whether your needs are limited to a protective LLC or you require foreign trusts or corporate structures, FBL will evaluate your particular situation and implement the appropriate plan. The firm also analyzes potential exposure to individuals and businesses and provides strategies for tax efficient corporate transactions and protective strategies. Mr. Forster’s books on asset protection and international tax are sold internationally as a resource to clients and their financial advisors. More information at

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