We are a MedTech Organization
that provides Marketing Services...

Not the other way around!

We Know your Market Dynamics.

We have inside knowledge and experience of regulatory challenges (FDA, CE Mark etc.), quality requirements, intellectual property opportunities, distribution Models and more.

We Understand your Technologies.

Our breath and depth of experience working with Medical devices in the US and internationally, in the past 20 years is unmatched for a marketing firm.

A Unique Marketing Program.

Our passion is to use our know-how to help you achieve your objectives. We are much more than a marketing agency; we are a true extension of your Marketing Department.

Our Unique Business Model

If you can choose to work with MedTech Momentum on a specific project (i.e. website, brochure, surgical technique etc.) you also have the opportunity to take advantage of our totally unique membership program.

What does that exactly mean for you?

It means that for a small all-inclusive monthly membership fee, with no retainer and no long-term contract, you will instantly possess a fully staffed marketing department, available to you 24/7 to execute your marketing plan.

The result is that your company will save money while increasing its marketing firepower
medtech qualified

Our Unique Creative Team

100% Specialized in MedTech Marketing!

Wouldn’t it be nice to work with Web Developers, Graphic Designers, Copywriters, Social Media Managers and PR experts who are immersed in the Medical Device industry? Who know the players? Who understand the technologies?

It is precisely what you get with the MedTech Momentum creative team. Our specialization not only increases the quality of the work that we produce for you, but also the efficiency of the creative process. This unique Value Proposition is one of the major advantages of partnering with MedTech Momentum; Our creative team will work with you, day-in and day-out, in a manner that is productive, cost-effective and enjoyable.

Our Unique Cloud Based Project Management System

Our mission is to produce results and to make your life simple. To that effect, MedTech Momentum has developed a proprietary method of managing your Marketing Projects. You will have access to our first-in-class online project management software, designed to provide you with real-time visibility, progress reports, & flexibility across people, projects & deliverables.

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