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Founded in 2013, MedTech Momentum, Inc. is a fast-growing full-service Medical Marketing Agency, focused on crafting and executing for its clients marketing strategies driven by the power of the Internet and Social Media. The Company works with Medical Technology Companies and Medical Practices located both in the United States and Europe. 

Position: Medical Copywriter

We are looking for a dedicated medical copywriter to liaise with our clients and produce creative content to help reach the clients marketing goals. The medical copywriter’s duties include researching medical data from reliable sources, extracting the relevant information, and creating content that is coherent and on-brand.

To be successful as a medical copywriter, you should be able to understand complex scientific data and present it in a way that optimizes readership and encourages the consumer to take action. A top-notch medical copywriter should do thorough research based on high-authority sources, write with creative flair, and adhere to medical ethics.

Medical Copywriter Responsibilities:

  • Combining scientific knowledge with excellent writing skills for medical marketing campaigns.
  • Producing copy on websites, blogs, and social media platforms that connect with medical professionals and the public.
  • Converting complex technical information into well-crafted articles that can be understood.
  • Researching the subject matter to position the product or service as being trustworthy.
  • Developing content that is targeted at the intended audience.
  • Writing in an interesting way to prompt the reader to take action.
  • Upholding ethical medical principles, including patient confidentiality.
  • Generating content using SEO skills in order to optimize search results.

Medical Copywriter Requirements:

  • Two or more years in medical writing.
  • The ability to conduct research across a range of specialized databases.
  • Knowledge of SEO and keyword research.
  • Excellent writing skills and proven medical copywriting experience.
  • The ability to analyze data, extract salient information, and present it in a fresh way.
  • Excellent time-management and multi-tasking skills.
  • The ability to work collaboratively.
  • Strong research and communication skills.

Additional Information:

  • Part-time
  • 1099 position
  • Hybrid role (in office and remote)

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