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MT-7 Framework: The 7 Steps to MedTech Marketing Success and Growth.

Most Medical Technology companies are in a conundrum when trying to achieve MedTech marketing success and growth. The old ways of pushing new technologies, with traditional sales & marketing strategies are gone, and the ever-evolving Internet revolution is not conducive to developing distribution networks and building personal relationships with physicians… so they say!

The reality is that MedTech organizations have never had such an opportunity to rapidly grow, scale, create value and most importantly, build meaningful long-term relationships with their audience, including physicians.

This is a direct result of the Internet and Social Media Era. It is available today to those who understand the opportunity and realize that there is a formula available right now to unleash its power called, the “MT-7 Framework for Growth.” This formula has been developed by a group of Medical Technology experts and Digital Marketing gurus and can be summarized in 7-steps that leads to MedTech marketing success and growth!

Step 1 – Know Who You Are Targeting!

You need to intimately know who your top 3 ideal customers are; your Buyer Personas! Your Buyer Personas are a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customers based on market research and real data about your existing customers. Think of it as your best customer’s identity card. Once gathered, the information will then be analyzed, and summarized in your Buyer Persona Identity Cards. Knowing your Buyer Persona’s goals and challenges allows you to create content that addresses their problems and provides solutions.

Step 2 – Define Your Messaging Strategy!

Now that you have clearly defined who you are targeting, your goal is to develop a message that will stick! The method to do it is called the BrandMessage! The concept it is based on the principle that the brain is wired to help each individual survive and thrive, and that everything else is considered “noise” and will not be processed.

To connect with your Buyer Persona’s brains, the key is to realize that the “hero” of your story is your customer, not your brand, products or services. Your new messaging strategy goes like this:

Step 3 – Create Your Brand Identity!

Create a brand book to maintain consistency, establish credibility, boost efficiency, and positively impact your profitability.

Your brand book must include your:

  • Core Values
  • Mission Statement
  • Tagline
  • Proper uses of your logo
  • Typography
  • Color Palette
  • Business Suite
  • Email Signature
  • PowerPoint Templates
  • And any other elements of your brand

In simple terms, your brand book is your company’s instruction manual detailing all aspects of your brand’s assets and personality (i.e. emotional branding).

Step 4 – Develop a Content Marketing Strategy!

Content Marketing is like a campfire. It needs to keep burning to create a warm environment, attract people and make them feel comfortable. Stop adding wood; the fire will simply vanish, and everybody will move-on to another fire. Your Content Marketing strategy is no different. To engage your audience, you need warm and trust worthy content; to keep them engaged you continuously provide them with helpful content. The key here is, to do it methodically and consistently! This is where the problem lays for most organizations.

The solution to develop a scalable and sustainable content marketing strategy is to have a pre-formatted system in place. One that your team can simply follow to organize, plan and methodically produce the right content at the right time.

The MT-7 Content Marketing Framework provides such pre-formatted tools and templates to help you audit and categorize your existing content, logically plan your campaigns, and identify for you the type of content you need to create to achieve your goals.

Just remember that every piece of content that is produced by your Marketing Department should not be about you, but about your customer! Your customer is the hero, not your brand.

Step 5 – Build Your Marketing Engine!

An engine is only as good as the fuel that makes it run. The same principle applies in marketing and your fuel is your content! Your next step is therefore to develop an interconnect network of digital platforms to carry your BrandMessage to your target audience and create momentum. Do not forget that each platform individually serves little or no purpose. It is the combination of all the platforms, working synergistically together to carry your message, that turns your marketing strategy into a powerful marketing engine


All roads lead to your website – The first step to building your engine is to update or develop a responsive website.  One that is designed to convince your target customers that you have a solution to their problems and to turn visitors into leads.

Step 6 – Generate Leads!

Lead generation is about providing the right content to the right Buyer Persona, on the right platform at the right stage of the sales funnel. Simply said, your best weapon is Inbound Marketing. Why? Because it builds trust, generates leads, and attracts the right customers to your organization.

Inbound Marketing is the most cost-effective way to build trust and create value.

Step 7 – Analytics!

What Gets Measured, Gets Managed! A great advantage of the Internet and Social Media Era is that you have all the tools at your fingertips to monitor results, measure success and maximize ROI. The MT-7 Framework for Growth comes with online project management software, designed to measure and monitor performance at all times, across all channels and provide companies with real-time visibility, progress reports, & flexibility across people, projects & deliverables.

There you have it! The fundamental strategy behind the “MT-7 Framework for Growth” is a new formula for your MedTech organization to increase the number of visitors, educate them, convert them into sales-ready leads and as a result give you the keys to MedTech marketing success and growth.

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