NASS 2019 Booths You Want to Visit!

Centinel Spine – Booth #2424

Centinel Spine is the largest privately-held spine company focused on anterior column reconstruction. The company offers a continuum of trusted, brand-name motion-preserving and fusion solutions backed by over 30 years of clinical success — providing the most robust and clinically-proven Total Disc Replacement and Integrated Interbody™ portfolios in the world.

This year, they will highlight their latest anterior column reconstruction technologies, their unique 3D printed porous titanium FLX solution, as well as its recently announced partnership with one of the most winning professional athletes of all time, Tiger Woods.


Nvision Biomed – Booth #3730

Nvision is a medical device and biologics manufacturer that provides surgeons with implants paired with instrumentation and biologics that simplify and improve spine surgery procedures to help patients get back to an active, pain-free quality of life. Along with Fountainhead Investment Partners and Watershed Idea Foundry, Nvision collaborates to offer innovation to spine surgeons.



In’Tech Medical – Booth #4824

In’Tech Medical is a global leading contract-manufacturer of surgical instruments, implants, delivery systems & silicone overmold. Powered by 800 employees across the USA, Europe & Asia-Pacific, In’Tech is a premiere engineering powerhouse, capable of delivering manufacturing solutions anywhere, at any time, to the benefit of medical device companies worldwide. With its innovative portfolio of turn-key designs, In’Tech is in the business of accelerating time-to-market as your ONE-STOP-SHOP contract-manufacturer!



Nanovis – Booth #4235

Nanovis is a platform technology-driven growth company committed to helping surgeons and hospitals achieve excellent fixation and infection outcomes using advanced nanotechnology platforms. Its Nano FortiCore® interbodies are designed with a unique and proprietary bio-ceramic enhanced titanium nanotube surface which offers the best aspects of fixation, visualization, and durability. Nanovis’ developmental infection technology platforms promise to offer much-needed bactericidal solutions.


Omnia Medical – Booth #2036

Omnia Medical’s mission is to develop novel products that reduce operative time through safe and reproducible instrumentation, while achieving superior surgical outcomes. Omnia Medical collaborates with surgeons to develop best in class, clinically relevant spinal instrumentation in a cost-conscious environment. Products from Omnia Medical include; TiBrid, PsiF, Boxcar, Rotary, CeLLogix, FloLogix, and DBLogix, including a number of exciting products in development.


Orthomed – Booth #5211

Known as the Surgical Instrument Specialists, Orthomed offers one of the largest selections of orthopedic and spinal instruments. They provide innovative instruments to aid surgeons in new and evolving surgical techniques and work with surgeons to design, engineer and produce custom and specialty instruments for the industry.


St. Teresa Medical – Booth #4438

St. Teresa Medical’s mission is to create value for the patient, surgeon, hospital and payer. The company has developed a novel sealant hemostatic dressing called SURGICLOT, featuring soft matter nanotechnology. SURGICLOT contains USP-grade dextran, plus thrombin and fibrinogen human plasma proteins and rapidly dissolves in seconds to minutes and leaves behind nothing but a natural, robust clot to seal the injury in surgery. Since there is no swelling or inflammation from SURGICLOT it makes it ideal for this application. The company’s SAB members are confident once approved SURGICLOT will be the surgical dressing standard of care.


This year’sattend2019 event is going to be packed with some of the greatest innovators in the Spine Industry so you definitely don’t want to miss out!

Can’t make it to NASS this year? That’s ok, follow each company on their social media for updates and highlights of the big event so you can always stay up-to-date on the latest information.

MedTech Momentum will also be at NASS 2019, visiting booths and setting up meetings to discuss how we are helping Medical Device companies turn marketing into a profitable revenue engine. If you are interested in discussing how we can help you increase revenue and expand your brand contact us today!