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orthopedic device sales expert Mike Schmitt

SurgiSTUD partners with orthopedic device sales expert Mike Schmitt

Phoenix, November 01, 2022 - SurgiSTUD announced its new partnership with Mike Schmitt, an orthopedic device sales expert with 37 years’ experience in the field. Mr. Schmitt will bring to SurgiSTUD his extensive knowledge of the orthopedic industry and market. He will spearhead sales operations including hiring, training and managing sales representatives.

Mr. Schmitt spent 27 of his last 37 years in the orthopedic device market as an award-winning independent distributor for a major manufacturer of orthopedic products. He has also been involved in numerous surgical training labs, which is what attracted him to SurgiSTUD.

“It's the first time in my career that there has been such a significant, innovative addition to surgical training,” Mr. Schmitt said of SurgiSTUD’s unique synthetic cadavers and surgical models.

About SurgiSTUD

SurgiSTUD offers an alternative to cadavers for surgical training. They manufacture 3D printed surgical training and utility device models with high biomechanically fidelity that offers real life haptic feel AND significant cost savings over cadaveric options. Their models are completely customizable, as they can utilize patient-specific CT scans to replicate anatomy/pathology or existing deformities.

Their models provide deliberate, simulated training, and their bones have been biomechanically tested to have the same fidelity and haptic feel of real bones. The models also eliminate many cultural concerns in regard to cadaver utilization, and are available worldwide.

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