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We are excited to announce our new partnership with OPUM Technologies

It’s a great pleasure to announce our latest marketing partnership with innovators who are empowering medical teams to conquer musculoskeletal health, OPUM Technologies

World’s most advanced orthopedic data analytics solution, powered by AI.

Opum is empowering medical teams and patients to conquer musculoskeletal health. Founded on a decade of world leading medical device research & development, OPUM Lab™️ predictive AI models work in combination with the patented sensor platform to understand how an individual patient will recover and progress through the care pathway.

We are excited to join them on their journey as they bridge the gap between surgery and physical therapy.

Get to know them more at opumtechnologies.com.

About OPUM

OPUM Technologies is made up of a team of world-class engineers and clinicians, translating today’s cutting-edge technologies into the world’s most advanced orthopedic data analytics solution, powered by AI.

They are non-compromising on trust and independence. OPUM believes that the depth and accuracy of our insights are the best available, enhancing visibility and decision making across the care continuum.

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