Buyer Personas

A Buyer Persona is a semi-fictional representation
of your ideal customers, based on market
research and industry data.

Think of it as your best customer’s identity card!

No Marketing Strategy should be Implemented without First Defining & Codifying your Target Audience. It all Starts with Precisely knowing your Buyer Personas!
A buyer persona checklist

Having clear Buyer Personas is important to your organization!

To engage with your potential customers, you must know their profiles, goals and challenges.
To have a messaging strategy (a story) that addresses their pain points and provide solution. (everything else is just noise)
To speak with the right brand voice.
To launch a successful inbound marketing strategy.
To grow sales.

We Can Help You!

Step 1
We’ll organize a workshop with key stakeholders in your organization (answer 7 key questions).
Step 2
We’ll help you brainstorm methodically, select the right buyer personas, categorize them in order of importance and find consensus as to which ones will provide the best ROI.
Step 3
We’ll create an identity card for each buyer persona.
Buyer Persona
Buyer Persona

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