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Boost your Branding Strategy and generate
qualified leads with effective print advertising.

As a MedTech company, selling products and/or services, do you wonder if Print Advertising is worth it?

The answer is simple. If you want to send a message to your audience that holds some weight, investing in print advertising is a sure way to grab the attention of professional decision makers.

The reality is that advantages to using print advertising remain strong in the digital age. Print is one of the leading ways that brands are able to not only improve the sales of core technologies and services, but also improve Brand Awareness, loyalty, and overall engagement.

Here are 5 reasons for you to consider Print Advertising:
  • To reach key decision-makers
  • To attain added credibility and prestige
  • To take advantage of highly target publications
  • To increase message life
  • To generate leads
print advertising

12 rules to effectively generate leads with your Print Ad:

Don’t use image ads (Image ads are great for Branding, but not to generate sales leads).
Put benefits in your headline.
Talk about allocations.
Make your ad easy to skim.
Use testimonials.
Do fractional campaigns (It is better to do small ads regularly than a full-page ad once in a while).
Make them an offer that qualified prospects can’t refuse (Must relate to your product).
Choose your words carefully.
Talk first person with the reader (Your messaging ex: “you will get the work done 25% quicker” is better than “Our product is 25% faster than the competition”).
Give the reader a compelling reason to inquire right away (i.e. Request more information before June 15th, and we will send you our Idiots Guide to getting your 510(k) in record time).
Merchandise your offer. Make sure to mention all the ways the reader can inquire; circle the number below, call, fax, contact us by e-mail or visit our Web site today for your free information kit.
Ask for the order (ex: Call us now to get our brochure).

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