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If you do not already do it, you are simply putting yourself at a competitive disadvantage. Why wait? Call us now, and we set you up with your accounts, images, and profiles on the main social media platforms and launch your social marketing strategy.

Why should you jump on the opportunity to be a part of the INTERNET REVOLUTION?

Because your customers & prospects are already on the Internet, spending time in Social Media, looking for products, services, industry news, clinical data… the list is long. If you do not connect with them, when they are online, to promote your company and educate them about your technologies, someone else will.


Watch Carolina explain her role as Director of Social Media Marketing.

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7 Principles

For Social Media Marketing Success

1. Success depends on the quality of the content (i.e. content marketing) that we make available to your community of interest. It must be authentic, insightful, open, and transparent.

2. Each employee of your organization must be given the opportunity to produce content (articles blogs, pictures, videos etc.), no matter the level of responsibilities.

3. You must avoid the temptation to brag about “features and benefits” or go for the “hard sell.” Instead, you must use Social Media as a way to educate and inform, simply “serving others.”

4. You must build social currency (i.e. multiple social media presence gives credibility & builds brand equity).

5. You must not view Social Media as just another marketing channel, a tactic or a campaign. It is a different approach to marketing that must be handle by professionals.

6. You must not treat it as a one-way broadcast medium. It is about building communities of interest.

7. You must be patient.

Being Social Works.

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