MedTech Momentum Changes the Paradigm!


Volney B. Palmer opened the first American advertising agency in Philadelphia. The agency placed ads for its customers in various newspapers and provided a variety of “communication” services, charging per project or by the hour.


After 165 years of the same business model between marketing agencies and companies, MedTech Momentum changes the paradigm and invents the Marketing Membership Program (MMP); a revolution in the Medical Marketing world!

With the all-inclusive membership program
MedTech Momentum instantaneously becomes your Marketing Department!

Our All-Inclusive Marketing Membership Program (MMP)

For an all-inclusive monthly membership fee, with no retainer and no long-term contract, the experienced MedTech Momentum team will strategize with you and create for you all the marketing tools necessary to execute your Marketing Plan. As an extension of your Marketing Department, we will be there for you. All you need is to ring the bell!

The result is that your business will save money, boost results and increase capacity. Here is a non-exclusive sample of what is included in your membership program:

Take Your

Marketing Plan to the Next Level

Our unique membership program and project management method will cut your marketing budget in half and boosts your results.

Results come from a well-planned, well-executed and consistent branding and lead generation strategy.

Partnering with MedTech Momentum, you will have access to our first-in-class online project management software, designed to provide you with real-time visibility, progress reports, & flexibility across people, projects & deliverables.

The Results

Decreased Budgets

Partnering with MedTech Momentum, companies save an average of 55% on their marketing budget. MedTech Momentum is the only “all-you-can-eat” marketing program in the world. If you can dream it! We can do it.

Increased Productivity

Partnering with MedTech Momentum, companies increase productivity on individual marketing projects by an average of 40%. MedTech is in our DNA. Our strategic and creative teams understand market opportunities, technologies andregulatory intricacies. No need to spend hours and hours explaining a new technology, a marketing opportunity or the risk factors. We get it and get it done swiftly saving you a lot of precious time!


Increased Results

MedTech Momentum is about measuring results with KPI (Key Performance Indicators) strategically positioned in all the campaigns that we create and manage for you. Partnering with MedTech Momentum, will boost brand awareness, generate new leads and positively impact your top and bottom line.


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