Orthopedics This Week Joins Forces with MedTech Momentum and Synthes’3D to Launch Next Gen 3D Virtual Convention Solution

Physician societies, medical device companies and meeting organizers need to think outside-the-box to turn the new reality into a scientific and business opportunity. This is what the OTW Virtual Conventions platform delivers. Altamonte Springs, Florida, June 19, 2020 – ​ Orthopedics This Week is excited to announce the worldwide launch of the next generation 3D […]


What is a Media Kit and Does My Business Need One?

A media kit a is document that provides a journalist, blogger, or influencer information about a business, product or service, announcement, or event. They are primarily used at events and product launches as a packet of information for writers to optimize the process of telling a company’s story. The purpose of using a media kit […]


Crisis Communications Plan Checklist

10-point Checklist to use in support of your plan When a crisis arises, the communications team should follow the plan and first understand the situation, develop the messages and identify the appropriate messenger or messengers.  One way to ensure everyone on the communications team is able to stay on the same page, Cision the global […]


Planning Communications For A Crisis

Ensuring your company’s reputation during an emergency Whether communications is your primary responsibility or it is just one of the many hats you wear as principal in a small startup, having a crisis communications plan is essential for limiting the negative effects of a crisis on your business and ensuring long-term preservation of your reputation. […]


The Perfect Marketing Plan

Clear deadlines and achievable milestones are closer than you think. Your marketing plan and brand strategy shouldn’t be about where your company is today, rather where you want to take it in the future. To achieve your goals and get the results you are looking for a well-planned, well-executed, and consistent strategy is required. Luckily, […]


How to Create a Buyer Persona

As a medical device organization, you have developed a great new technology that is clinically relevant. You are intimately confident that the healthcare market wants it and that success is around the corner. But have you defined your ideal Buyer Persona? You also feel that you understand your market dynamics. You know that patients need […]