With a dedicated and knowledgeable MedTech marketing team on your side, you’ll consistently have the ability to grow awareness & generate the leads that are essential for business. We offer an All-Inclusive Subscription Program as well as offer an A-La-Carte Program. If your unsure we can help you choose the right program.
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Human Connections at the Heart of Healthcare Marketing

At MedTech Momentum, we anchor our philosophy in a deep understanding of the healthcare industry, driven by the visionary leadership of Guillaume Viallaneix and Lester Morales. With Guillaume's extensive MedTech expertise and Lester's profound grasp of healthcare providers' needs, we craft marketing strategies that transcend conventional boundaries, focusing on fostering human connections in healthcare.

Our commitment is to build bridges between healthcare providers and their patients, creating a healthcare experience that is as humane as it is transformative.

Emotional Branding: Connecting Hearts and Minds

Influenced by Marc Gobé’s emotional branding and Donald Miller’s StoryBrand framework, we craft narratives that go beyond product features – they touch hearts and resonate emotionally. We believe healthcare is fundamentally about meaningful human connections. Our approach empowers clients to find their unique voices, weaving stories that engage and empathize, fostering a deeper bond within the healthcare community.

The MedTech Digest: A Voice for the Healthcare World

“The MedTech Digest” lies at the heart of our ecosystem, serving as a powerful voice for the healthcare community. It’s a platform where insights, stories, and healthcare innovations converge, shaping the “One World” experience.

The “One World” experience, integral to The MedTech Digest, seeks to unify global healthcare narratives, bringing together professionals, patients, and thought leaders to share diverse personal experiences. It’s a movement aimed at building a more connected, empathetic, and informed healthcare community, transcending clinical and commercial aspects to highlight the human elements of healthcare.

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