Meet Your New
Marketing Department

A Team of 24 MedTech Marketing experts, with a passion for healthcare, all dedicated to your success…

Meet Your New
Marketing Department

A Team of 24 MedTech Marketing experts, with a passion for healthcare, all dedicated to your success…

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Bonnie Harris, VP of Strategy at MedTech Momentum, discusses how medical technology companies can stand out in a crowded market.
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All we do is
MedTech Marketing!

“Healthcare organizations are destabilized by the internet & social media revolution.

MedTech Momentum specializes in helping Medical Device companies turn marketing into a profitable revenue engine, using a unique methodology, the MT-7 Framework for growth.”

Guillaume Viallaneix
Founder & President

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Over 100 medical organizations, in the United States and Europe, have used our services to create and execute winning marketing strategies. We know your market & your technologies. Doesn’t it make sense to partner with an agency that speaks your language?

For Awareness & Lead Generation

Join the Membership Program and we’ll craft your marketing strategy, manage all your digital platforms, and produce the content needed to create awareness & generate leads.

For Custom Projects

If you are looking for a specific project (website, slide deck,logo, brochure, surgical technique, sales sheet, booth design, press release etc.), our A-La-Carte Program is for you.

Meet The MedTech Marketing Team

We are a group of 24 creative personalities with a passion for building brands and generating leads in the medical space.

Meet Your MedTech Marketing Advisory Board

A multi-disciplinary board made up of experienced thought leaders in the MedTech industry.
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MedTech Momentum?

MedTech Specialization
MedTech Marketing is all we do! With over 20 years of experience marketing medical devices, MedTech Momentum is the preferred partner for MedTech companies looking for a full-service marketing agency that understands market opportunities, technologies, and the ever-evolving regulatory environment. Partnering with MedTech Momentum, there is no learning curve.

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