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Social media is rapidly changing the way that medical technology organizations and their ecosystem interact – and in 2016, it serves as much more than just a marketing tool, providing a wealth of distinct opportunities to effectively serve patients, the community, and physicians – all while building social awareness and enhancing brand affinity.


It’s no secret that Graphic Designers have their own unique language. In fact, sometimes it can be difficult for the rest of us to understand the multitude of words they tend to throw around when discussing projects! In September, MedTech Momentum’s Content Director Jessica Dawkins met with teammate and Art Director Adolfo Martinez to chat about some of the most misinterpreted words in Graphic Design. There were many, but guess what? There are plenty more!

Graphic Designers have their own set of jargon

If you don’t know it by now, Graphic Designers have their own set of jargon. If you’ve ever heard a group of designers talking about a project, you may have done a double take! Don’t worry, there’s no bad mouthing going around here—just good graphic design work!

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Facebook Company Pages are easy to strategically and periodically update by looking at each update session as a surgery—remove what doesn’t work, fix what’s broken, and add what’s needed.

But how do you know what you keep and what to cut out? Here are a few tips and an Infographic from Socially Stacked to help illustrate this approach to Facebook Company Page optimization:

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