9 Important Medtech Marketing Strategies for 2023

The right strategy is crucial for any marketing campaign, but in the face of the rapid digital transformation we’re experiencing in the medical device industry, it’s a “make or break” critical success factor.


Introducing Monday.com

As part of our commitment to using the best marketing technology available Medtech Momentum has recently decided to implement Monday.com as our primary project management platform After thorough consideration and testing, our team found that Monday.com is the best fit for our needs, offering a range of features and benefits that will help us streamline workflows and better communicate with all our clients.

How AI improves your website

How AI Can Improve Your Healthcare Website Content

Many people think of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as advanced gaming characters or Hollywood A.I. like the voice of Siri in the iPhone. However, AI has come a long way and can now be used for thing. In this blog post, we will be discussing how AI is such a beneficial tool.

 Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned: Webinars and Virtual Events

ODS serves the needs of MedTech industry professionals in Orthopedics looking to develop, manufacture, and bring to market tomorrow’s technologies, in the post-COVID era. 

Next Webinar

Must-Have Tech for Your Next Webinar

Webinars have emerged as effective marketing and lead generation tools. Hosting a webinar is a great way of connecting with your potential customers and showcasing your brand’s human side. Moreover, it helps skyrocket brand awareness and establishes your brand authority.

Buyer Persona

How to Create a Buyer Persona

As a medical device organization, you have developed a great new technology that is clinically relevant. You are intimately confident that the healthcare market wants it and that success is around the corner. But have you defined your ideal Buyer Persona?

Remote Work

Remote Work: Transitioning from the Office to Your Home

Benefits and tips on how to work from home during the current crisis As the world transitions into a virtual era, remote work is becoming more and more popular and has shown an increasing amount of benefits.

Media Kit

What is a Media Kit and Does My Business Need One?

A media kit a is document that provides a journalist, blogger, or influencer information about a business, product or service, announcement, or event. They are primarily used at events and product launches as a packet of information.

Working From Home

Working From Home Has Strengthened My Client Relations

Over the past few weeks, my Account Management position (like many others) has transitioned from a role that was once face to face, to a role that is now completely virtual. Of course, this change isn’t entirely.

Dont Cut Marketing

Why Cutting Marketing During a Recession is a Bad

During times of a crisis, or a recession, your company has an incredible opportunity to rise above the competition. The key is to have a plan. The instinct for companies at the onset of a recession is.

Crisis Communications Plan Checklist

Crisis Communications Plan Checklist

10-point Checklist to use in support of your plan When a crisis arises, the communications team should follow the plan and first understand the situation, develop the messages and identify the appropriate messenger or messengers.

Crisis Planning

Planning Communications For A Crisis

Ensuring your company’s reputation during an emergency Whether communications is your primary responsibility or it is just one of the many hats you wear as principal in a small startup, having a crisis communications plan is essential.

Healthcare Recession

Is Healthcare Recession Proof?

Industry shifts since last recession likely to change how a downturn affects healthcare Healthcare is often touted as a defensive position to hold compared to some other industries in times of economic recession, but is it really?

Ortho Digital Symposium

How to Build Your Social Media Following the Right Way

The key piece of engagement marketing that ironically is often missed is actually engaging in a meaningful way with others in your industry. That means participating in and contributing to the conversation within your industry that helps.

The Perfect Marketing Plan

The Perfect Marketing Plan

Clear deadlines and achievable milestones are closer than you think. Your marketing plan and brand strategy shouldn’t be about where your company is today, rather where you want to take it in the future.

Social Media Strategy

Do You Include TikTok in Your Social Media Strategy?

Should You Incorporate TikTok in to Your MedTech Social Media Marketing Strategy? From dancing celebs to funny voice overs, it is no surprise that many assume TikTok is “just another app” designed for entertainment.

Social Media Strategy

4 Reasons MedTech Companies Need Social Media Strategy

Social media has fundamentally changed the way medical technology organizations and their ecosystems interact. It serves as much more than just a marketing tool. Social Media channels can provide a wealth of distinct opportunities to effectively serve.

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