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“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin

At the core of MedTech Momentum’s approach to messaging is the belief that effective marketing transcends mere promotion. It’s about forging a deeper connection with your audience, demonstrating a thorough understanding of their desires, goals, and, most importantly, pain points. Our strategy focuses on showcasing your ability to provide practical, actionable solutions to their challenges and initiate conversations that make a real impact.

Central to our storytelling methodology is the concept that your customer is the hero of your story, not your products or services. We craft narratives of transformation, where your buyer persona is the protagonist and you, the guide. This approach ensures that your messaging resonates not just with the needs of your audience but also aligns with their journey toward success and fulfillment.

Samantha Feliz, MedTech Momentum, Director of Communications


The Storybrand formula, pioneered by Donald Miller, transforms the art of storytelling in marketing into a precise science. This approach ensures that your narrative is not only impactful but also enduring. Far beyond mere artistry, this strategic framework is thoughtfully designed to captivate your audience on an emotional level, creating deep and lasting connections. Here’s an overview of how it effectively works:

A Character (hero)
Your story starts with a character, your customer, who is the hero of your story. This character has multiple goals that you have identified.
Has a Problem
However, he has problems that keep him from achieving his goals.
He Meets a Guide
Luckily, the hero meets a guide (you) who understands his problems and empathizes with his fears.
Who Gives Him a Plan
As the guide, you provide the hero with a plan to help him overcome his problems and achieve his goals.
Calls Him to Action
You challenge the hero to act. This is a critical turning point in the story.
To Help Him Avoid Failure
You must also highlight the consequences for the hero of not acting and not solving his problems.
And Achieve Success
The story ends with the hero taking action, embracing your plan, succeeding, and achieving his original goals.


A Character (hero)

Has a Problem

He Meets a Guide

Who Gives Him a Plan

Calls Him to Action

To Help Him Avoid Failure

This framework forms the foundation of your story’s creation. It needs to be seamlessly integrated into all content produced by your team, ensuring a unified narrative across all channels. Adopting this approach will effectively engage your target audience and help you build a successful brand.

MedTech Momentum
Messaging Methodology


Our journey begins with immersing ourselves in the essence of your organization. We immerse ourselves into your culture, values, mission, and vision, uncovering what sets you apart.

Buyer Persona Development

We don't just identify your audience (i.e., heroes); we get to know them intimately. By developing detailed buyer personas using the Storybrand 7-part framework, we align your messaging with the aspirations and challenges of your customers, patients, or stakeholders.

Messaging Blueprint

Armed with insights, we craft a Strategic Messaging Framework that distills your core message into an impactful “one-liner” and an engaging “brand script.”

Emotional Content Creation

With the strategic framework as our guide, we create narratives that tell a story and resonate emotionally. We connect with stories, not facts!

Multichannel Narrative Orchestration

Your story deserves to be heard everywhere. We fine-tune and amplify your messaging across the digital and traditional spectrums, ensuring every tweet, post, press release, and ad campaign is harmonized with your brand's core narrative.

Analytics and Iteration

We monitor, analyze, and iterate the content created, transforming KPIs into actionable insights. This feedback loop allows us to fine-tune your messaging, ensuring it remains as dynamic and resilient as the healthcare landscape.

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