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Guillaume Viallaneix is the founder and president of MedTech Momentum. With an impressive tenure of 33 years in marketing and 24 years specifically in the healthcare industry, Guillaume has been instrumental in elevating medical device companies and forging strategic partnerships with healthcare providers.

Since launching MedTech Momentum in 2014, he has leveraged his wide-ranging experience in financial services, communication, and MedTech to propel the agency to the forefront of the healthcare industry.

A Citizen of the World

His career started in 1990, includes managerial and executive roles at globally recognized corporations such as Cigna, Welcome International, Scient’x USA, and Eden Spine, highlighting his extensive industry expertise.

Raised in France and educated in the United States, Guillaume holds an MBA from Arizona State University (Thunderbird) and an undergraduate business degree from Florida State University. His culturally rich background fuels his multifaceted approach to business, marketing, and life in general. Beyond his professional ventures, he is passionate about emotional branding in the medical space, tennis, world affairs, and spending quality time with his family. He lives with his wife, Gabriela, and their four children in Orlando, Florida.

The MedTech Momentum Journey

Under his leadership, MedTech Momentum has become synonymous with deep understanding and effective marketing strategies within the healthcare ecosystem.

The company’s portfolio claims over 150 healthcare companies, including OEMs, contract manufacturers, medical practices, clinics, software developers, and many other specialties, not just in the U.S. but also in Europe and Asia.

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Philanthropic Engagement

Another critical aspect of Guillaume’s vision is his role in founding The MedTech Digest, a media company dedicated to disseminating knowledge and news within the MedTech industry. The MedTech Digest is an example of insights, trends, and innovations significantly contributing to the industry’s collective wisdom.

Additionally, his philanthropic engagement through The One World Experience, facilitated by The MedTech Digest, showcases his commitment to fostering a more interconnected and enlightened healthcare community.

Guillaume is also a founding partner of The MedTech Alliance, a collaborative platform aimed at spurring innovation and cooperation in the MedTech sector. His multifaceted involvement reflects a dedication to advancing the industry’s growth and impact.

For an in-depth understanding of Guillaume's background and the vision behind MedTech Momentum, the "Beyond the Ordinary" podcast with Tommy Martin, CEO of Mammoth, is a must-listen. This dialogue probes into Guillaume’s personal narrative, professional achievements, approach to emotional marketing in healthcare, and the aspirations driving MedTech Momentum forward.

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