With a dedicated and knowledgeable MedTech marketing team on your side, you’ll consistently have the ability to grow awareness & generate the leads that are essential for business. We offer an All-Inclusive Subscription Program as well as offer an A-La-Carte Program. If your unsure we can help you choose the right program.

Our diverse group includes skilled Account Executives, Graphic Designers, Website Developers, Social Media Managers, Copywriters, PR Managers, SEO Experts, forward-thinking AI Specialists, Videographers, and Photographers.

Their collaborative efforts and combined expertise uniquely position MedTech Momentum, ensuring that each project is completed and serves as a strategic milestone tailored to our client’s goals.

At the heart of their success is a dynamic leadership team, each member bringing invaluable knowledge and experience from the healthcare and marketing sectors.


Guillaume Viallaneix
Founder and President

Guillaume brings over 33 years of marketing expertise, specializing in the healthcare industry for 24 years. His leadership at MedTech Momentum since 2014 has utilized his broad experience from financial services to medical technologies, establishing the company as a key player in healthcare marketing. His global perspective, shaped by his upbringing in France and education in the U.S., enhances his approach to business and marketing.

Under Guillaume’s leadership, MedTech Momentum has cultivated an impressive portfolio, partnering with over 150 healthcare companies worldwide. His visionary initiatives, such as founding The MedTech Digest and The MedTech Alliance, underscore his dedication to driving progress in the healthcare industry. For a deeper understanding of his journey and the vision behind MedTech Momentum, the “Beyond the Ordinary Podcast”  with Tommy Martin offers an enlightening conversation. Additionally, his LinkedIn profile provides extensive professional insights. To learn more about Guillaume and his pivotal role in shaping MedTech Momentum, visit this website’s “Meet the Founder” page.

Leste Morales

Lester Morales
VP of Healthcare Strategy

Lester Morales, Vice President of Healthcare Strategy at MedTech Momentum, has over two decades of extensive experience in the healthcare industry. His tenure at the Laser Spine Institute is a testament to his leadership skills, where he played a crucial role in developing and implementing strategic initiatives for a high-performing, multimillion-dollar ambulatory surgery center. His guidance there resulted in significant growth and improved operational efficiencies, highlighting his healthcare management and marketing expertise. In addition to his achievements at the Laser Spine Institute, Lester held other executive positions, including VP of Business Development at SAGICO, USA. In this role, he significantly contributed to the company’s growth in spinal technologies, further showcasing his diverse capabilities within the MedTech field.

At MedTech Momentum, Lester is the driving force behind the company’s strategic initiatives, focusing on healthcare providers and MedTech organizations. He specializes in helping clients develop and implement comprehensive marketing strategies. These strategies are meticulously aligned with their business objectives and are designed to promote substantial growth. His broad understanding of the healthcare industry and extensive business development background make him an insightful and strategic thinker. For those interested in learning more about Lester’s professional journey, additional information can be found on his LinkedIn profile.

Kathy Perez
Senior Director of Marketing Operations

Kathy Perez, serving as the Senior Director of Marketing Operations at MedTech Momentum, brings a robust and diverse background in marketing and operations, perfected through various roles in healthcare and education.

Kathy played a significant role in marketing and admissions management at the Conductive Education Center of Orlando, Inc. (CECO). CECO, a unique organization dedicated to providing specialized educational and developmental services to children and adults with motor disabilities, relies on effective marketing and community engagement to support its mission. As Admissions Relationship Manager, Kathy was responsible for articulating the center’s vision, mission, and core values, ensuring the efficient management of admissions processes, and executing targeted marketing strategies.

Kathy’s broad marketing experience, combined with her specific expertise in healthcare-related marketing strategies, positions her as a critical asset in MedTech Momentum’s leadership team. Her role entails flawless strategic and tactical execution of marketing plans and supervision of both the Account Service and Creative Teams, ensuring that MedTech Momentum’s clients receive top-notch, industry-specific marketing solutions. Kathy’s diverse background and strategic insights significantly contribute to the overall growth and success of MedTech Momentum and its clients. More information can be found on her LinkedIn profile.

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