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Cody Simmons, CEO of DermaSensor

We are excited to announce the latest edition of The MedTech Digest, powered by MedTech Momentum, featuring an exclusive interview with Cody Simmons, CEO of DermaSensor, Inc.

In this must-read interview, Cody shares the inspiring journey of DermaSensor, highlighting the challenges faced and the groundbreaking strides made in the field of skin cancer detection. After a strenuous 15-year journey to FDA approval, DermaSensor’s disruptive technology is now poised to transform skin cancer detection, making it accessible to a wide range of healthcare providers.

Cody’s vision and determination, coupled with this innovative technology, promise to revolutionize dermatological care and significantly improve patient outcomes.

This story holds a special place in our hearts, as our President, Guillaume Viallaneix, is a skin cancer survivor who battled melanoma in his early thirties. Guillaume knows firsthand the critical importance of early detection, and DermaSensor offers new hope for patients to stay vigilant against possible recurrences.

Discover the full story of persistence, breakthroughs, and the potential to save countless lives by reading the complete interview.
Click Here to Read the full interview now!

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