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The key piece of engagement marketing that ironically is often missed is actually engaging in a meaningful way with others in your industry. That means participating in and contributing to the conversation within your industry that helps to advance and promote your industry.

By now most companies have opened a Twitter or LinkedIn account and filled out the profile, and followed a few people or companies. The mistake many of these companies make is to then use these social media channels as a distribution network for their press releases. They are going to a trade show, so they tweet out their booth # and invite others to visit them. They have a product that has been FDA approved, so they tweet out a link to the announcement.

Doing only this can be self-serving, and does little to build a following or drive traffic to their websites. More importantly, it fails to enhance their own brand as industry leaders.

The right way to build your social media following is to find the conversations that are contributing to and advancing your industry. Look for people that you can learn something from about your own business. Retweet or share the useful, helpful information that others you admire post, give them credit and then add your own perspective or complementary information.

If you have a blog, make sure your blog posts also contribute to and enhance the knowledge and understanding of others in your industry, when someone you follow posts something similar, you can add your own perspective along with a link to your blog.

The key is to have a mindset of sharing and adding to the useful information that helps others in your industry to get better at what they do. If you do that, you will soon find that others will want to follow you and engage with your company.

Here are three steps to building your social media following:

1) Find people to follow people you admire or learn from, even if they are competitors
2) Find engaging posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blog posts that offer useful information for you and most importantly others in your industry – and share them
3) Add related useful information on your blog that supports or complements another post

Obviously this will take time, effort, and a commitment to continually maintaining your Social media presence and blog content. If you don’t have the staff for such an effort, that’s where MedTech Momentum comes in. We have the experience, skill, and content providers that help fill your engagement content needs. Contact us today for a free evaluation and learn how we can boost your social media and increase your online presence.

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