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Benefits and tips on how to work from home during the current crisis

As the world transitions into a virtual era, remote work is becoming more and more popular and has shown an increasing amount of benefits to companies all over the world. In fact, recent research from Harvard Business School showed that when employees work from home it increases productivity, reduces turnovers, and lowers costs. This, along with many other benefits, is making remote work more appealing and is helping businesses everywhere continue to maintain momentum during the current crisis.

Quick facts on remote work:


Remote work provides benefits for both employers and employees. As mentioned above, employees are less stressed and more productive when working remotely. But telecommuting also provides benefits to companies that allow it. A great example of this is with US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Seeking to increase efficiency, the USPTO implemented the Telework Enhancement Act Pilot Program (TEAPP) in 2012 allowing patent examiners to work remotely from anywhere. Since the implementation, productivity increased by 4.4%, hiring costs reduced by 4.4%, and office costs reduced by $38.2m.

Tips for transitioning from the office to remote work

While it may sound easy to simply complete your work from anywhere, transitioning from the office to remote work can be tricky. A few things you can do to make the transition to a virtual environment smoother:

Have an organized communication plan with your team.

mtm remote work organized communications min

Communication is vital in remote work since the option to walk over to a co-worker’s desk is no longer an option. Have a plan set for how you will maintain communication (email, phone, video software, etc.) and when you will be available.

Have a calendar that is accessible to the entire team.

mtm remote work calendar min

It is important that every team member is on the same page and knows about meetings and deadlines. Having a calendar that all team members have access can ensure everyone is always up to date on important dates and times.

Maintain the same working hours as you did in the office.

mtm remote work same work hours min

Keeping your daily time schedule the same can help make the transition from the office easier because you are not changing your routine. So, if you start at 9 a.m. in the office, start working remotely at that time as well.

Have the right tools set up for optimal productivity.

mtm remote work productivity min

This includes:

  • Communication tools like Zoom or Go-to-Meeting,
  • File management software like Google Drive or Dropbox,
  • Time tracking tools like Harvest or Tick,
  • Project management tools like Asana or Slack

Have a set office space.

mtm remote work set office space min

Set up a space to work that is comfortable and does not have many distractions that can keep you from your work.

Give yourself a break.

mtm remote work give yourself a break min

Just as you would take a break in the office to grab a coffee or stretch your legs, it is important to also give yourself a break while working remotely. It may be tempting to continuously work through the day but that can decrease your productivity.

As the world continues to transition into a new virtual era where companies are being forced to manage work outside of their office to follow social distancing recommendations, remote work is becoming the new normal. Working from home, or working from anywhere, is a practice that is essential during these times and will allow companies to continue to thrive and grow when the typical office routine is out of the question.

Companies that embrace a virtual environment are opening up opportunities for their company to reach new heights even after this crisis is over, even beyond remote work.

Transitioning into a virtual work environment also means transitioning your business strategy into a virtual one as well. Companies are not only reaching their employees remotely; they must also reach their customers remotely as well and virtual events can be the resolution that is needed to maintain a presence with your current and future customers.

Contact us today if you are interested in creating your own virtual event that will allow you to connect with hundreds of people remotely, engage with your audience, and generate leads while still abiding by social distancing guidelines.


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