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a Media Kit

A media kit a is document that provides a journalist, blogger, or influencer information about a business, product or service, announcement, or event. They are primarily used at events and product launches as a packet of information for writers to optimize the process of telling a company’s story. The purpose of using a media kit is to entice a journalist to write an article about you and make it easy for them to do so.

What is included in a media kit?

The content within your media kit will vary based on the reason you are creating a media kit (press release, product launch, event, etc.). But there are a few basic components to include in a media kit, including:

  • Company Information: Include a short excerpt about the company including vital and interesting information the writer would need to research. This shouldn’t be longer than three paragraphs.
  • Images: Include images in the media kit that writers can use. These images should be high-resolution images.
  • Content (hyperlink to make it easy for them to access)
    • Press Releases: These can include the latest news, new product launches, publications or other recent news or media coverage. Including these can increase credibility and social proof.
    • Blogs: Include the latest blogs to give the writer a better insight on some of your work and information that is relevant to the product, service, or news that is being written about.
    • Videos: Include product/service videos, demonstrations, testimonials, or media coverage videos to create visual appeal.
  • Contact Information: Always include media contact information that is available to answer any questions that may arise.

Other components that can be included in a media kit are:

  • Client or Customer Testimonials: Happy customers are great for marketing. Use testimonials to show credibility.
  • Interesting Facts: Highlight anything that would be interesting to write about. Journalists are always looking for “interesting angles” to include in their stories.
  • Annual report: If your company is in a field where journalists are interested in your annual reports, this is something you should attach for easy reference.

Why is it so important?

Having a media kit can share your story to a journalist, blogger, or influencer to optimize the process for the writer to know everything that is important and relevant to include in their work. Other benefits include:

  • Giving more control over what information is being used by journalists.
  • It saves you and the writer valuable time.
  • It is a vital promotion tool whether used at an event, product launch, or for your business.
  • Shows professionalism and gives the audience confidence that you know what you are doing.

Where to use a media kit?

Media kits can be used for a variety of situations. It can be used when promoting a product launch, a big company announcement, events, etc. Depending on what the media kit is being used for will determine where the media kit will go.

It is important to research your target journalists accordingly, rather than just sending a generic pitch to every media contact you know. Research specific publications, outlets, and journalists that show content that is closely relevant to what you are pitching and is consistent with your own publishing calendar.

When contacting journalists, emails should be personalized to whomever you are sending them to. This helps to make a connection with who you are reaching out to rather than sending a generic email to multiple people. When contacting a media source, emails should also be kept short because journalists typically do not have time to read through a long email.

Creating the perfect media kit and media pitch can be difficult but having the right resources and tools can optimize the promotion of your product, service, event, or company. Are you ready to create your media kit? Contact us today to learn how we can help you get started.

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