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Working From Home Has Strengthened My Client Relations

Over the past few weeks, my Account Management position (like many others) has transitioned from a role that was once face to face, to a role that is now completely virtual. Of course, this change isn’t entirely new to me. Because MedTech Momentum has always been a virtual marketing department first, so I have already had my fair share of Online web conferences, emails, and phone calls.

Professionalism has shifted to personalization, and I love that”.  – Allyson Gregg

However, with these changes due to COVID-19, I’ve been experiencing a different type of client relationship: A positive, more personalized relationship. I find myself discussing items beyond the day to day agendas with questions such as, “how are their families are doing? What is the weather like where they are? What are some exciting new things they’ve attempted this past week? Or are there any health impacts among their peers? Or their coworkers?

The overall tone of my meetings with clients has changed. But for me it has changed for the better. I feel like I know our clients on a deeper level now, than I did before. Which I believe has become evident in the communication and presentation for my clients.

Professionalism has shifted to personalization, and I love that.

Zoom and Go-To-Meeting has really changed the efficiency and productivity of my workflow along with my creative departments. On-boarding designers and web developers is becoming more optimized, and I believe that there is an understanding that is clearer across the board for internal and external teams.

These changes have humanized individuals (including myself!) there is no question about it. I’ve noticed some gentlemen are growing out their beards, because why not? And others might be in their sweats but are still working as hard as they would if they were in a suit.

I am thankful that I am able to do my job successfully from the comfort of my own space. I understand that this is a luxury that could easily be taken away, so my motivation is to continue having conversations.

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