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Acuamark Diagnostics Secures $11.3 Million Series A Funding

New York, NY, July 19, 2022 – Acuamark Diagnostics (“AcuamarkDx”), an early cancer detection company, today announced the closing of an $11.3 million Series A round.  

The round was led by the office of Claudio Del Vecchio and the Del Vecchio Family Foundation, and it was joined by Bruker Corporation as a new investor in AcuamarkDx. Claudio Del Vecchio has joined AcuamarkDx’s Board of Directors.  

AcuamarkDx is a molecular diagnostics company that develops ultra-sensitive, automatable technology, designed for both more reliable and more cost-effective early-cancer detection, ultimately to save lives on a vast scale and reduce health-inequities in cancer care globally. 

Bruker Corporation (NASDAQ: BRKR), which also contributed to Series A, is a global life-science tool and diagnostics instrumentation company, with a particular interest in early cancer detection.  

 “We are grateful for our investors’ confidence and the sophisticated financial and technical depth they bring to our work,” says co-founder and CEO Dr. Bernard Peperstraete, “After years of innovation and development, we are pleased with the progress of our assays. We are hard at work to continue the optimization of the assay while initiating larger scale clinical collections.”  

With the Series A proceeds, Acuamark Diagnostics intends to scale its sample collections and add a number of key building blocks to its organization.  

“As an investor prior to this round, I closely monitored the company’s remarkable work to improve early-cancer interception and make it broadly accessible,” says investor Mr. Del Vecchio. “With successful development and at the industrial scale the technology is designed for, AcuamarkDx will be in a highly differentiated position to help benefit our society, saving lives, yet with large, systemic cost savings as a consequence. I look forward to working closely with Bernard and the Board of Directors to help make the vision a reality and move the company to the next level.” 

Mr. William Gedale, Executive Chairman, comments: “We are honored to welcome a Director of the skill and character of Mr. Del Vecchio. Claudio is a proven executive and successful investor in a wide range of businesses globally. We warmly welcome him to our group of committed Board members and colleagues.” 

 “Mr. Del Vecchio combines a salt-of-the-earth humanity with an innate understanding of building extra-ordinary value. He adds a wealth of wisdom and public governance experience to our Board,” Dr. Peperstraete adds. 

About Claudio Del Vecchio, PhD 

Claudio Del Vecchio is an international business entrepreneur and industry leader. He is a skilled executive and a seasoned public Board member. The Del Vecchio family founded the Luxottica Group where Mr. Del Vecchio was an Executive Board Director for several years, ran its US operations and oversaw its public offering on the New York Stock Exchange. Subsequently, Mr. Del Vecchio acquired Brooks Brothers which he successfully ran for 20 years until the COVID Pandemic.  

About Acuamark Diagnostics Inc.  

Acuamark Diagnostics is a biotechnology company focused on developing innovative technology for improved and cost-effective blood-based early-cancer screening for single cancer early detection and multi-cancer early detection. Backed by a highly experienced team of industry developers and scientific experts, it is AcuamarkDx’s mission to improve cancer management and increase survival by intercepting early-cancer more reliably, accessibly, and cost-effectively with its first-in-kind, high-throughput precision technology.  

For more information, please visit www.acuamarkdx.com, or contact us at [email protected]


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