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[SWANTON, OH. September 11, 2023] -In today’s market environment, OEMs are confronted with escalating operating costs and limited options for passing on these increases. Guardian Medical recognizes this challenge and possesses a distinct capability to address these cost pressures while ensuring exceptional outcomes in sterile packaging. “Minimal Footprint Packaging (MFP) redefines how decisions are made about sterile packaging. Drawing inspiration from an industry that does an exceptional job at sizing implants for patients, we took that same approach and applied it to packaging with our CapSure system,” says Don Kennedy, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Guardian Medical.

“At its core, MFP is about right-sizing sterile packaging for any medical device. Optimizing the size, reducing the number of components, using recyclable materials, and minimizing system costs throughout the life of the sterile package; produces the best outcomes for the OEM, package user, and environment,” says Tracy Momany, President and CEO at Guardian Medical.

Industry professionals familiar with Minimal Footprint Packaging™ have shared their comments about its approach:

“COGS evaluations associated with a packaging system should include every aspect of the manufacturing and distribution processes, including the cost of assembly, sterilization, distribution, storage, etc. Often, significant cost reductions in these areas can easily justify material price increases,” said Paul Marshall, Director, Labeling and Packaging Development at Zimmer Biomet.

Santiago Beltran, Principal Engineer of Packaging/Labeling/Sterilization at ATEC, states, “Our industry is constantly seeking to make improvements for our end users that benefit their patients. Sterile packaging plays a crucial role in delivering efficiency and integrity to those improvements in the OR. Minimal Footprint Packaging fully embraces the importance and significance of delivering a product to the OR that is fully protected, easy, and quick to use.”

To learn more about Minimal Footprint Packaging (MFP), visit https://guardianmedicalusa.com/.

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Guardian Medical is a company that specializes in creating advanced packaging solutions for medical devices. We design, develop, manufacture, and distribute sterile packaging and packaging services to ensure the safety and sterility of medical devices and implants. Our focus on innovation allows us to offer unique and efficient sterile packaging solutions to the medical industry.

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