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Stop guessing start assessing

Intech, a world leader in the design and manufacturing of state-of-the-art orthopedic devices, announced its collaboration with SMADE at the NASS 2022 annual meeting in Chicago this week. Their ambition, to address one of the industry’s major pain-points, that is, assessing rather than guessing what’s happening on the field.

By turning surgical instruments and trays into smart assets that collect and return key field data, Intech x SMADE collaboration allows Intech’s customers to see in real time where, when and how their devices are being used and moved.

SMADE combines hardware (smart trackers) and software (an advanced data analytics platform) to provide the most accurate field data and help OEMs and hospitals in their daily decision- making.

“Thanks to SMADE smart tracking solutions embedded in Intech trays or instruments, we collect, analyze and deliver the most accurate field data to our customers, helping them to transcend their performance.”

A customized experience

INTECH x SMADE collaboration does not stop here. Through SMADE inside process, Intech x SMADE provides portfolio customization by developing specific instruments. Intech and SMADE teams will be working hand in hand with their clients every step of the way to outline the strategy, address engineering challenges while choosing the relevant solutions to collect and analyze data from the field.

This collaboration reinforces Intech’s ambition to transform the industry from the inside and remain a game-changer in the manufacturing of complex orthopedic medical devices, for the sake of patients around the world.

“Agile and collaborative, SMADE inside process will give our customers the knowledge and technology they need to leverage the potential of their devices.”

About Intech
Intech is a global market leader and game-changer in the manufacturing of complex orthopedic medical devices. It all starts with innovation, and nobody knows this better that Intech. With manufacturing facilities around the world and unique initiatives and savoir-faire, Intech is at the forefront of technological innovation in the field of orthopedic devices manufacturing as well as asset management, ensuring optimal patient care is delivered day in day out. This is who we are. We tech care.

An Intech spin-off, SMADE is an innovative IoMT company founded in 2022 with the ambition to pioneer on the market of connected medical devices. SMADE provides smart tracking solutions to help OEMs and healthcare organizations in their daily decision-making.

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