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phillip penn

LE LOCLE, Switzerland, July 08, 2021

Contract manufacturing experts, Mediliant today announced the addition of Philip Penn as their new VP of Sales and Marketing. The addition of Mr. Penn further strengthens the organization’s commercial team, laying a strong foundation for growth as they continue to serve the Medical Device Industry.

With nearly two decades of experience in sales and even more years of expertise in the Medical Device Industry, Philip Penn will play a key role in building Mediliant’s marketing structure and expanding the company’s commercial capabilities to further serve their customers. Before joining Mediliant, Mr. Penn held roles as Director of Sales in Orthopedics for LISI Medical and Regional Sales Director for RD&D Sales Engineering.

Philip Penn’s new role as VP of Sales and Marketing comes at a crucial time as the company goes through a major rebrand. Philip will be responsible for maintaining and developing customer relationships and developing marketing and commercial strategies that will ensure customer success and the growth of Mediliant as they transition into the new Mediliant Group. The new Mediliant Group, made up of Mediliant, MDI, and CTE, will have a major impact on the Medical Device Industry as the three organizations join forces to provide a customized, MedTech experience and strengthen their capabilities in extremities, spine, and trauma.”- Denis Leissing, CEO of Mediliant.

With the expansion of the Mediliant Group, the addition of Philip Penn to the commercial team is going to be a key factor in Mediliant Group’s growth and vision of becoming a global leader in the Medical Device Industry and strengthen their capabilities in extremities, spine, and trauma.

“I am excited for this opportunity as we work to synergize three great companies who each have a strong brand recognition in the medical manufacturing market. As we align our values and core competencies, we are laying the foundation for a united company that will be better focused on supporting our customers’ needs and better positioned for future growth.”- Philip Penn, VP of Sales and Marketing

For more information on Philip Penn and the Mediliant Group, contact Maud Vazquez, HR Director, [email protected]

About Mediliant

Mediliantis a contract manufacturing company in the Medical Device Industry. Founded in 2013, Mediliant manufactures medical devices from raw material to sterile packaged products. Located in Switzerland, delivering products worldwide, Mediliant provides customers a very responsive solution to their subcontracting needs with Swiss made products, complying to different regulatory requirements.

About MDI

MDI is an innovative, detail-oriented company dedicated to world-class orthopedic implant and medical device manufacturing located in Lancaster, PA. MDI was formed in 2012 and is led by Ed Burton, original founders of HDJ Co. (1962) and SMD, Specialized Medical Devices (1996). Its expertise in micro machining is making MDI the ideal partner for complex small implants for the Trauma, extremities and spine implants.

About CTE

Culver Tool & Engineering, LLC (CTE) was established in 1950. By 1963, Culver Tool & Engineering, LLC had established itself as a major production broaching house for Northern Indiana. Between 1989 and 2011, Culver Tool & Engineering transformed itself into one of the largest contract spinal rod manufacturers in the orthopedic industry and continued providing service to the broaching community. With a strong desire to serve better its customers, CTE is now diversifying strongly in all spine components.

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