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Tigard, OR – September 10, 2020

Surgeons often use their dominant hand for the delicate cuts of surgery. This leaves the non-dominant hand, often holding body tissue for long periods of time. Arthritis at the bottom of the thumb is a common problem for some surgeons, especially as they experience more surgeries. In June 2020, OrthoMed, Inc., introduced a ‘reverse’ Synovectomy Forceps to its portfolio of surgical instruments, to prevent the pain.

The new Synovectomy Forcep clasps onto dense soft tissue. It’s reverse design functions like a clothes pin, gripping tissue securely. The self-retaining design mitigates any thumb pain surgeons may experience with traditional forceps.

“Our forcep offers a unique solution to a painful problem experienced by high volume surgeons, and it represents Orthomed’s commitment to addressing issues through innovation,” stated OrthoMed CEO, Ron Dyches.

Co-inventor David Boardman, MD, an orthopedic surgeon and Medical Director of the Joint Replacement Center at Cooley Dickinson Hospital in Northampton, MA, first proposed the instrument seven years ago. He presented his idea for an instrument that would give surgeons the ability to manipulate/pull and control dense tissue with their non-dominant hand, while maintaining a ‘forceps hand posture’, but WITHOUT continuous pinch.

Dr. Boardman presented the concept for this need to numerous surgical instrument-makers. Only Ron Dyches, CEO of OrthoMed responded with interest. Together the two men spent more than two years designing and testing the Boardman Synovectomy Forceps with its unique reverse mechanism that applies passive persistent pinch.

Neither surgeons, nor their patients want surgeons to be in discomfort during a delicate surgery. These new Synovectomy Forceps address a problem few knew. Helping to prevent arthritis in surgeons’ hands makes for better healthcare.

“Designing, engineering, testing and bringing this Synovectomy Forceps to market is a story that shows the unique level of service, and dedication to customer satisfaction offered by OrthoMed,” says Dr. Boardman. “They went above and beyond to help solve my problem, and now using this instrument in my surgical practice has helped get me through the day with less pain. I am grateful that OrthoMed made the investment to help me as an individual surgeon, which in turn will prolong my career.”

The Synovectomy Forceps Can be viewed on the updated and improved OrthoMed website, www.OrthoMed.com/.

About OrthoMed, Inc.
OrthoMed has been providing Healthcare professionals quality surgical products since 1970. This year we celebrate our 50-year anniversary and we continue to offer the best quality instruments at the most competitive prices sourced from the finest manufactures in the world.

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