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ATLANTA, June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Spectrum Spine, spinal device supplier and leader in the development of spinal surgical device inventions, announced that it has acquired a highly unique and proprietary surface technology for spinal trauma and has begun operations with the device.

BIOBraille™ is a state-of-the-art surface technology with 14 related patents, exclusively licensed to Spectrum Spine. It integrates prescriptive laser technology and is designed to improve patient outcomes in spinal operations.

“We are thrilled to add this game-changing, proprietary technology to the Spectrum Spine portfolio of innovative spinal implants and pleased to have the opportunity to bring Dr. Ganey’s brilliant work to clinical implementation.” Dr. Jim Robinson, Spectrum’s founder, and Chief Technical Officer.

This unique surface technology will be added to Spectrum Spine’s portfolio of spinal solutions that includes the Bridge™ MIS tubular approach Laminoplasty System, designed to preserve nerve, vasculature, and muscle tissue, reduce operative complications, and restore pain-free function. With this acquisition, Spectrum Spine will continue to provide patients with better pain and function outcomes and lower infection and re-operation rates.

The technology holds great promise to provide unsurpassed bone growth activation in spinal and orthopedic devices that may reduce inflammation, speed the process of strong and durable fusion, and lead to superior outcomes for patients having spinal surgery.

About Spectrum Spine
Spectrum Spine was founded as an incubator for the development of spinal surgical device inventions of Dr. Jim Robinson, pioneer in the field of minimally invasive surgeries, and proven inventor of both implants and the innovative tools of insertion for minimal tissue damage – and currently has achieved 6 FDA 510k clearances of spinal device systems, including its initial project, the Bridge™ MIS Laminoplasty System. It has launched this year as a spinal device supplier, already holding over 60 patents and an enormous amount of mature developed work.

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Guillaume Viallaneix
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