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medtech digest andy rock article

Jan 20, 2024 – MedTech Momentum is excited to spotlight a must-read feature from the pages of The MedTech Digest, where Guillaume Viallaneix, President of MedTech Momentum and editor-in-chief of the MedTech Digest, engages in an enlightening conversation with his friend Andy, a renowned MedTech entrepreneur, investor, and innovator.

This interview digs into Andy’s illustrious career, tracing his path from the early days at Danek in the 1990s, his co-founding role at K2M, to his innovative ventures at NeuroSpine Ventures, painting a picture of a career built on innovation, dedication, and transformative impacts on patient care.

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About The MedTech Digest:

The Digest is a leading publication in the healthcare industry and is dedicated to bringing the latest insights, trends, and innovations to healthcare stakeholders. It serves as a critical resource for professionals looking to stay ahead of cutting-edge developments in medical technology, offering in-depth analysis, expert opinions, and inspiring success stories from the forefront of MedTech innovation.

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