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laruent pruvost ceo intech

Nov 2, 2023 – MedTech Momentum proudly presents an insightful interview from The MedTech Digest, where Guillaume Viallaneix, Editor-in-Chief, sits down with Laurent Pruvost, the CEO of Intech. This deep dive into Laurent’s remarkable three-decade journey in the orthopedic industry, from his foundational role at Sofamor to his transformative leadership at Intech, is a rich narrative about entrepreneurship, innovative thinking, challenges, and strategic foresight.

Laurent shares his unique insights on the orthopedic industry’s evolution, highlighting the pivotal moments and strategic decisions that have positioned Intech as a global leader in surgical instrument manufacturing. From the early days of Intech, salvaging equipment and jobs post-Medtronic acquisition, to steering the company through economic downturns and onto a path of significant growth and global expansion, Laurent’s story is one of resilience, vision, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

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