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November 30, 2023 – MedTech Momentum is proud to feature a remarkable story in the “One World” section of The MedTech Digest, authored by the esteemed Marc Viscogliosi.

As an influential figure in the MedTech industry, known for his leadership roles as CEO, Venture & Private Equity Investor, and co-founder of Viscogliosi Brothers, LLC, Marc shares a narrative that ventures beyond his renowned professional achievements.

This compelling article offers an intimate look at Marc’s life, revealing the challenges he faced growing up and the incredible journey he embarked on, supported by the unwavering dedication of his family.

From his early days in Detroit to attaining unimaginable heights of success, Marc’s story is a powerful illustration of what it means to overcome adversity through resilience, the strength of family ties, and a relentless drive for excellence.

Click here to read the full article.

About The MedTech Digest:

The Digest is a leading healthcare industry publication dedicated to bringing the latest insights, trends, and innovations to healthcare stakeholders. It serves as a critical resource for professionals looking to stay ahead of cutting-edge developments in medical technology, offering in-depth analysis, expert opinions, and inspiring success stories from the forefront of MedTech innovation.

About One World:

The “One World” section of The MedTech Digest symbolizes a vision of unity and compassion, striving to promote positive connections across global divides through stories of philanthropy, innovation, and triumph. It champions the belief that individual actions contribute to a collective mission of improving healthcare worldwide. Inspired by the ethos of Bob Marley and aiming to address challenging topics, “One World” encourages a narrative of love, understanding, and the communal goal of bettering the world. This initiative not only highlights successes within the MedTech industry but also integrates the personal passions and endeavors of those dedicated to making a significant impact on global health outcomes.

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