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MTM advisory board

MedTech Momentum, Inc., a leading medical device marketing agency, welcomes Andy Rock, Javier Perez, Leonel Dominguez, and Mathieu Charleux as members of its MedTech Marketing Advisory Board. This elite team of multi-faceted MedTech experts will deliver experience-based actionable insights and roadmaps to help companies maximize their growth and value-creation potential.

Guillaume Viallaneix, MedTech Momentum founder and president, stated, “The great majority of our clients come to us with ground-breaking innovations that they want to commercialize successfully in the US, around the world, or both. We know from experience that their marketing strategies can only be successful in the long term if they are knowledge and experience based in all facets of the MedTech business cycle, not just sales and marketing. This is why we have decided to help them by forming our one-of-a-kind MedTech Marketing Advisory Board. It is a privilege to have such formidable experts on the MedTech Momentum team to ensure that all medical device companies looking for the best advice have access to it.”

The board leverages its advisors’ unique reservoir of MedTech experience and knowledge in areas as diverse as:

  • Lean business planning & exit strategy
  • Financial strategy & fundraising
  • Product development & U.S. regulatory affairs
  • Global expansion
  • International regulatory strategy

Introducing the MedTech Marketing Advisory Board:

Andrew Rock – Lean Business Planning & Exit Strategy

Andy Rock is an accomplished MedTech entrepreneur, inventor, senior executive, investor, public speaker, and advisor to management teams and boards of directors. Known as one of the original co-founders of renowned spinal technology company K2M (i.e., K2M Group Holdings, Inc.), acquired by Stryker for $1.4B in 2018, he spent the last three decades developing a unique set of technological and analytical skills in the medical space. His U.S. and international experience allow him to identify opportunities across multiple health care sectors and help turn them into highly valuable organizations.

In 2003, Andy also co-founded NeuroSpine Ventures to help early-stage MedTech companies develop and execute successful growth and value-creation strategies, leading to successful liquidity events. Since inception, NeuroSpine Ventures has invested in nine startups, achieving six exits with returns on investments ranging from 85% to 3,200%. His broad areas of expertise are a clear competitive advantage that MedTech Momentum clients can tap into for better decision-making.

F. Javier Perez – Financial Strategy & Fundraising

Francisco Javier Perez, CFA, has extensive experience in health care investment banking, investment management, and financial services. He currently serves as the managing director and chief operating officer for the investment bank Commenda, Inc. as well as the principal for Commenda Securities, LLC. In addition to his roles at Commenda, Javier is portfolio specialist at Skyview Investment Advisors, where he oversees investment portfolios on behalf of health care clients.

Javier’s passion is in helping build and fund businesses and teams in the health care innovation space, with the goal of making sure much-needed innovations make it to patients successfully. This is precisely what most MedTech Momentum clients are looking for.

Leonel Dominguez – Product Development & U.S. Regulatory Affairs

As founder and president of Hyperjax Biomedical Technologies, a medical device engineering firm, Leonel Dominguez comes to the MedTech Momentum Advisory Board with 35 years of technical leadership experience in commercial product development engineering, intellectual property, quality, and regulatory affairs, with medical device organizations such as Medtronic-Xomed, Smith & Nephew and Scient’x USA.  He has assisted over 50 client companies design, and commercially launch hundreds of medical products in use today.

Over the course of his career, he has developed the technical, analytical, and managerial skills to help companies take medical devices from simple napkin designs to full commercialization. The range of medical technologies Leonel has been involved covers multiple specialties such as orthopedics, spine, trauma, head and neck, extremity, robotic-assisted and micro-endoscopic surgery.

As the market is evolving, Leonel has also developed a unique expertise in technological matters related to rapid prototyping, 3-D printing, and manufacturing. Leonel’s technical expertise represents of valuable source of knowledge that MedTech Momentum’s clients can leverage to their benefit.

Mathieu Charleux – Global Expansion & International Regulatory Affairs

Based in France, Mathieu Charleux possesses two decades of experience developing MedTech organizations in Europe and around the world. He specializes in helping MedTech companies of all sizes grow profitably internationally. Mathieu provides MedTech companies with actionable insights, guidance, and tools that enable faster, smarter decisions and stronger performance in all affairs related to business development, international regulatory compliance, and operations.

Mathieu, as a co-founder of MD101, MDxp, and Hirondelle Medical as well as an EMT, is a strategic thinker and entrepreneur who also acts as a key advisor to multiple medical device companies around the world. His track record in building value for medical device start-ups and mid-size companies in an international environment is a major asset available to MedTech Momentum clients.

About MedTech Momentum

Founded in 2013, MedTech Momentum is an experienced full-service medical marketing agency headquartered in the greater Orlando, Florida, area. Applying its signature “MT-7 Framework for Growth” formula, the company is 100% focused on helping medical device organizations in the US and internationally execute sustainable and scalable value-driven growth strategies. Armed with a team of renowned strategic advisors and creative personalities, MedTech Momentum possesses a unique vantage point on market dynamics and new technologies in the digital era.

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