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 “Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat.” – Napoleon Hill.

Around the end of 2019 MedTech Momentum was approached by one of our strategic partners, Commenda Capital, about developing and ultimately co-hosting a conference highlighting trends in Medical Technology as we approach a new decade. We had a shared goal of presenting a vision for the future.

Our event took shape and had a name: MedTech2020 – Visualizing Tomorrow Today.

While aiming for an early 2020 event date, we targeted the opportunity to align with the annual AAOS meeting taking place in our home base of Orlando, FL. Knowing the focus of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, and the crossover in MedTech, we saw an incredible opportunity to drive value for, and present content to, attendees and exhibitors that could make a measurable impact in the Ortho Industry.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the states, and the AAOS, along with most other conferences, were cancelled, we saw an opportunity to leverage what we do best – virtual solutions. And that’s when the strategy of a virtual webinar-based conference, powered by Zoom, was set in motion. So, how did we do it?

Gather strategic partners and organizers

First, we knew in order to properly tackle the topic of MedTech trends that are directly affecting the Ortho sector we would need to align with a premiere voice and authority on the subject. Enter Robin Young, Founder and President of Orthopedics This Week – one of the most trusted Orthopedics journals in the industry.

Robin brought interesting and relevant discussions to the table, and soon we had the groundwork for what our approach would be: “The 6 Orthopedic Trends You Cannot Ignore.”

Develop and organize conference content and curriculum

The key trends now needed key thought leaders to breathe them to life. The best way to present the content would be with an expert panel, acting as a faculty, and their topics would be our conference curriculum.

Additionally, we had to pivot our original content as a significant impact from COVID-19 on Orthopedic surgery volumes was just impossible to ignore. MedTech2020’s first event would now cover these trends:

  • “Impact of COVID-19” – Presented by Robin Young, Founder & President, Orthopedics This Week
  • “The New Regulatory Maze” – Presented by Glenn Stiegman, Senior VP Regulatory Affairs, MCRA
  • “Robotics in the Operating Room” – Presented by Chris Prentice, CEO, Harmonic Bionics
  • “The Future of Regenerative Medicine” – Presented by Scott Bruder, MD, Founder & CEO, Bruder Consulting & Venture Group
  • “Minimally Invasive Surgery” – Presented By Earl Fender, President & CEO, Vertiflex
  • “3D-Printed Implants – Wolff’s law in action” – Presented by John Viscogliosi, Principal, Viscogliosi Brothers, LLC

Analyze & Measure Results

MedTech2020 kicked off the first in our ongoing series of webinars, and we were eager to know how it would be received.

With a strategic marketing promotion plan engaging channels like Web, Social Media, PR, Email, and Banner Ads, we were set up for exposure, but would it resonate? Luckily, and as we expected, it most definitely did. A quick look at our webinar performance results showed:

  • Number of registrations: 531
  • Number of actual attendees: 482
  • Engagement: Live-streamed on Facebook with 115 LIVE views, a LIVE reach of 342, and 50 engagements

The event also included a very well-engaged panelist discussion wherein polls were presented and answered, and questions could be submitted by attendees and answered by our panel in real-time.

Do we have your attention yet?

If you’re looking to dip your feet in the world of webinar-based Virtual Conferences, follow these steps for a successful event:

  • Gather Strategic Partners and Organizers
  • Develop and organize conference content and curriculum
  • Develop and agree on platform and delivery process
  • Develop and agree on promotional strategy
  • Develop and Lead virtual conference program and logistics
  • Manage and Deliver post event marketing follow up(s), and method and means for webinar “recording” to deliver long-term value as a downloadable curriculum or asset

Find out more about our turnkey webinar solutions here. Ready to contact MedTech Momentum to make it happen? We’re able to customize a Virtual Conference plan for you today! Start Here.

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