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The “MT-7 Framework for Growth” is a tested formula developed to address the needs of MedTech Companies looking to leverage the power of the Internet and Social Media to generate revenues.


MedTech Momentum, Inc. a leading Medical Device Marketing Agency, announced today the launch of a new marketing initiative, the “MT-7 Framework for Growth.” The announcement is the result of 5 years of research, testing and data analysis, aimed developing a straight forward step-by-step formula that leverages the power of the Internet and Social Media to turn marketing into a growth engine.

Guillaume Viallaneix, founder and President of MedTech Momentum, and medical devices expert, stated today that “In the past few years, many healthcare organizations have come to us expressing their confusion about the best way to use the Internet and Social Media to grow and create value. We’re excited to announce that the “MT-7 Framework for Growth” not only provides the answers that many executives are looking for, but most importantly, it gives them a blueprint for targeting the right audience, boosting awareness, generating leads and transforming the leads into customers.”

The “MT-7 Framework for Growth” changes the paradigm, as it makes the customer the hero of the marketing strategy, not the company nor its technologies, no matter how great. The framework is a 7-step process that starts with clearly identifying who should be the ideal customer, what message should be crafted to help him/her solve his/her problems, and how to position the company as the guide to help him/her succeed.
MedTech Momentum knows from experience that people buy solutions to their problems, not product features. Companies that make their “greatness” and the “uniqueness” of their technologies the center-piece of their marketing strategy simply miss the point. Their campaigns will be considered by the target audience as noise, and simply ignored. The “MT-7 Framework for Growth” turns the table around and make the customer the hero of the story.

According to Guillaume Viallaneix, “MedTech companies have no choice, but to apply the principles of the “The MT-7 Framework for Growth.” Based on our data-driven research, we know what marketing strategies provide the best ROI, and we are sharing the formula with all the MedTech organizations willing to listen. Of course, we don’t expect everybody to come to our agency for help to get it done, but we do expect every CEO, VP of Marketing and Marketing Managers to make it the center piece of their new marketing strategy.”
2019 will be the year of “MT-7 Framework for Growth” in the Medical Device Industry. MedTech Momentum is proud to make it part of its unique “all-inclusive membership program.

In addition, in 2019 the company will be launching a comprehensive workshops initiative, with a series of “Public Workshops” strategically positioned around the country, as well as “Private On-Site Ones” to help individual companies guide their marketing strategy and allow for alignment across the organization. Click here for more information.

About MedTech Momentum
Founded in 2013, MedTech Momentum is an experienced full-service Medical Marketing Agency headquartered in the greater Orlando, Florida area. Applying its signature “MT-7 Framework for Growth” formula, the group is 100% focused on helping medical device organizations develop and execute sustainable and scalable value-driven growth strategies. With offices in North America and Europe, MedTech Momentum possesses a unique vantage point on market dynamics, and new technologies; ideal to provide customized, market specific marketing solutions to MedTech organizations around the world.

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