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Altamonte Springs, Florida, June 19, 2020 – ​ Orthopedics This Week is excited to announce the worldwide launch of the next generation 3D Virtual Convention platform for the Medical Industry: OTW Virtual Conventions.  Effective immediately, OTW Virtual Conventions is providing 3D virtual meeting services to physician societies, companies, and meeting organizers. In contrast to other virtual conventions, OTW Virtual Conventions is a unique technology web platform that employs realistic 3D renderings to deliver an impactful immersive experience. 

Its mission is to:

  • Help meeting organizers extend their reach and audience,
  • Help physician societies increase and diversify their revenue stream,
  • Provide a next generation interactive, collaborative networking tool for the entire global orthopedic community.

“Almost all meetings have shut down this year. To make matters worse, most physicians are highly reluctant to leave their practices at this critical time,” said Robin Young, CEO of RRY Publications LLC, “Every meeting organizer needs a virtual meeting solution to keep their meetings relevant and solvent.”  

The OTW Virtual Conventions technology platform is powered by Synthes’3D talented team of software engineers & CG artists.  Led by its founder, Vivien Poujade, this team has accomplished the seemingly impossible task of creating a virtual meeting environment that educates, connects, and entertains. 

OTW Virtual Conventions gives conventions and physician societies a unique opportunity to reach thousands more virtual attendees that would not have the time or the desire to attend a brick-and-mortar convention.  

An Immersive Experience
OTW Virtual Convention is a fully immersive virtual physician meeting experience which seamlessly integrates with Zoom or Vimeo style in-person lectures, break-out sessions, and workshops. Those conferences & lectures can be live or prerecorded.

As experts in virtual marketing, a leader in Orthopedic Industry marketing and branding, MedTech Momentum understands the importance of staying current and relevant in an ever-changing digital environment.  By facilitating next generation technologies MedTech Momentum has created a truly immersive marketing experience that is comparable to attending an in-person meeting.

MedTech Momentum President Guillaume Viallaneix stated, “If meeting organizers want to keep and increase their physician audience, they must deliver an interactive EXPERIENCE that is not just about data, but also about the feel! Good scientific content is easily remembered if it is emotionally charged, part of a bigger story; this is what we are about.”

Among the unique features of the OTW Virtual exhibit booth is a 1-click connection to a salesperson, full suite of product glamour shots, videos, clinical studies, and documentation.  OTW Virtual Convention also found a way to incorporate traditional conference style pens, calendars, thumb drives and other knick knacks with exhibitor logos – in short, meeting swag.

Larger, global, impactful meetings
Because virtual meetings expand the geographic boundaries of in-person meetings and make participation affordable for all physicians and affiliated healthcare workers, they are often larger meetings.  

“We estimate,” said Robin Young, “that for every single in-person attendee, ten or twenty other affiliated surgeons, physicians or healthcare workers would like to participate but cannot due to budget or other constraints.” 

OTW Virtual Conventions are not designed to replace traditional events, on the contrary, they are designed to make them bigger and better. 

The OTW Virtual Convention is software, not buildings, airplanes, hotels or meals.  It is affordable for all organizations and suppliers regardless of size. As structured, OTW Virtual Convention is a revenue generator for physician groups.  

Exhibiting companies find that OTW Virtual Convention is the ideal bolt-on to in-person booths.  When budgets can’t accommodate the in-person meeting, OTW Virtual Convention is the ideal solution.  

Indeed, exhibitors who use OTW Virtual Convention can expect more physician engagement for less money. 

Master Class DEMO for OTW Virtual Conventions

To experience the OTW Virtual Convention yourself, register for the Master Class Demonstration on Thursday, July 2nd, 2020 – 11am Eastern Standard Time.

For more information contact: April Bruffy [email protected] 

About OTW Virtual Conventions
OTW Virtual Conventions is a partnership between RRY Publications publisher of Orthopedics This Week Newspaper, Orthopedics This Month Magazine and the Orthopedics This Week newsletter, MedTech Momentum the leading orthopedic industry branding and marketing firm and Synthes’3D, one of the most experienced and largest 3D & digital studio for innovative & Medtech companies with 3D animations, 3D renderings, motion design, mobile apps & virtual reality marketing and training solutions.  OTW Virtual Conventions is based in 377 Maitland Ave #1015, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Robin Young
OTW Virtual Conventions, LLC., Managing Partner
[email protected]

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